Better known as Doobie, purportedly because of the Romper Room Do Bee song.

"My impression (might have been from the clockdoc posts) was that he was a truck driver for 2 years before being sidelined by a back injury. This was the period when he claims he made a lot of money, over 50k a year or something. That seems inline with what I know of my trucker in-laws; the pay is pretty good but there are a lot of expenses so it isn't as good as it looks at first, and the chance of injury loading and unloading is pretty high.


During the kickstarter times he was a sewer man. He complained about his boss who mocked him and didn't believe he'd be successful at getting a hot dog stand off the ground.

There was talk of him having previous experience selling hot dogs, but my impression is that this was something he did just a few times. Possibly without a license. (Maybe even the sort of thing where his church 'hired' him to 'cater' a church event.) He did have a dilapidated old van that had been converted to a food truck, and at one point he planned to fix it up and have a mobile hot dog stand. That way he could go to local ballgames and other events to sell hotdogs. Once the kickstarter took off and he actually looked into what it would cost to fix, it turned out it would cost more to bring the van up to code than to have a fixed shack. Plus he found out his town or county has regulations that made the portable hot dog cart/van untenable."

Doobie was working for a local sewer company or utility when this all began. He didn't have internet at home and would update his Kickstarter from his phone or a computer at work. Doobie never talked about working on the building after getting off from his day job or announcing that he was quitting that job to work on the restaurant full time. We can only guess at when he quit or was fired.

Since closing the restaurant Doobie has gone back to trucking.