According to Doobie, "everyone has asked, and begged for months," so he finally relented on April 27, 2015, and announced that he would begin serving a hamburger steak (aka HB Steak). He didn't add it to his menu, however. The HB Steak was available for limited and seemingly arbitrary times, although the original plan was to offer it on Fridays from 3 PM til closing time.

The HB Steak platter consisted of "a 1/2 lb of Hamburger Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, Italian green beans, coleslaw and a roll for $9.99"

HB Steak 01

On May 1, 2015, he served his first HB Steak platter to "Mr. William ash more". HB Steaks appeared the following Friday, May 8. Doobie may or may not have followed his mother's recipe, in which she puts "a little but of Cooking Sherry in [her] gravy, it's a big hit believe me."

That was to be the last appearance of HB Steak at Doobie's. He last mentioned the HB Steaks on Thursday, May 14, to inform his customers that he would not be serving HB Steaks that Friday.

HB Steak 02
HB Steak 03

The HB Steaks have not been seen or mentioned since.

HB Steak 03-a