All you can eat Pinto Beans and cornbread with a slab of Onion on the side. $5.50 Add a drink

Pinto bean and cornbread

Pictured here is Mr. Wade enjoying his beans, cornbread, and raw onion.

Mr. Wade does not appear to have added a drink.

Pinto bean and cornbread 2
Whether Mr Wade referred to Doobie's pinto beans as 'thos beans' or 'them beans' has been for some time the subject of heated debate. Something Awful forums user Backweb recently [25 May 2018] knowledgeably explained the facts and the lore about them/thos beans and the famous Mr Wade.

"Mr. Wade ate the bowl of beans, and Doobie posted a picture, so that's where we made the connection [between Mr Wade and beans]. Some goon made a horror/thriller fanfic about Mr. Wade thinking about 'them beans' (cos in the South they say 'them') which went way out of hand." [In the fanfic short story, posted on Something Awful forums, Mr Wade, after the Dog House closed, visited Doobie's abode with a loaded gun, demanding 'them beans' or else.]

"Then someone posted a screencap of a completely unrelated man leaving a message on B&M Baked Beans' Facebook page with a typo 'Thinking about thos beans' (I think it was B&M).Everything became conflated because goons are goons."

So, neither 'thos beans' nor 'them beans' is actually canon. The real Mr Wade could have called the beans thos, or them, or something else ('them thar beans'?).

Yet in the lore, spread from generation unto generation of Doobfans and Doobologists, 'thos beans' is, and will remain, the almost universally accepted parlance, because it is the funniest. Though the 'them beans' Mr Wade fanfic was very funny too.