30 Wing Platter

Sometime in 2015, Doobie suddenly decided to expand his diet and menu with the addition of chicken wings. Initally, they were only advertised on his Facebook page with one of Doobie's deals: 30 wings for 30 dollars. On May 2, 2015 Doobie promoted another deal on his facebook page: "30 Wing Platter today for $22. Wings only. can add fries and a drink seperate" Doobie went on to change the prices of the wings and add them to his daily specials.

On Thursday June 18, 2015, Doobie announced on his facebook page that he would be entirely out of wings for the duration of the week through the following Tuesday. This wasn't the first time his wing supply had plum given out. However, in a surprising act of aggression, Doobie called out the unidentified source of his presumably frozen wings on his facebook page:

Mysterious meatguy

"There will not be any Wings this week. The fellow in the meat dept. said he didn't order them. Maybe when everyone comes in to get wings, I will just send them over to him and they can ask him why didn't he order them. I will have jumbo wings this Tuesday for sure"

On June 23, Doobie announced on his facebook page that the Jumbo Wings had arrived.

Jumbo wings